What to expect

 I wasn't really sure what to expect this past year.  I knew 2013 was going to be big, but when you're going through the movements of each day sometimes it's hard to prepare for what exactly that means.  It truly was a good year.  I married the most amazing man, someone who was a bit of a surprise in my life, who has believed in me and loved me and laughed with me.  I often can't believe I get to be his wife.  And another Fleur family member, Janelle, married the love of her life.  Meanwhile. Amy started to plan for her dreams and Samantha joined in on the team & Caleb started graduate school while making weekly appearances in the boutique.  Dave and I bought a house with trees that make you feel as though you don't live in the city, a nook of Chicago where you can see the sky and hear the quiet.

Michigan Sky, Pure MichiganOther things happened, too.  Two members of our Fleur are dealing with cancer in their families.  The cancer has struck loved ones that they are very close with.  And it's moments like these that make you pause and remind yourself to breathe.  To stop thinking about the job, and give yourself a day to simply BE.

Pure MichiganOne of my goals this past January was to take 2013 a little bit slower.  To enjoy planning a wedding, enjoy being the bride at a wedding and enjoy the newlywed life after.  It wasn't always so easy, I am a runner when I have an idea, and thankfully Dave was there to sometimes slow me back down to a walking pace.  Summer was fast, and we were so lucky to experience such a beautiful autumn - although it was late - the leaves and flowers and branches were calming & inspiring.  Up-lifting.  There was not a single day I missed the change of colors and light.

zinnias Pure MichiganChange.  It kind of happened at a good time.  I enjoyed sunrises from my apartment window, now I enjoy sunsets from the back yard.  My coffee is tasting richer and I need less of it.  Autumn's arrival this year seemed bigger.  It's time to slow down, it's time to appreciate the leaves and the fading again.  It's nice to sit down and write down your dreams.  I'm planning for a garden in the back, and window boxes in the front.  I can see lilac & peonies and autumn anemones next year.  I'm thinking about hot chocolate and movie nights inside and walks in the winter with my husband.  I'm exciting for reorganizing the shop & our storage room with rentals.  Cleaning it out, making room for new pieces and ideas.  Mixing things up.

backyard leafI made my first arrangement in our house a few weeks back.  Half of the boxes are not unpacked, we live in a home that basically needs a gut rehab on 75% of it, but this centerpiece felt special.  With maple leaves from the yard and a surprise batch of peonies, I made a bouquet for myself, for our dining room where we will share years of meals together with friends and family.  Where we will share thoughts and conversation and laughter will echo through the walls.

Peonies & ranunculus by FleurThe peonies absolutely amazed me.  These always do.  I fall in love with their brightness and happiness, and each day they fade a touch in color.  But they're so beautiful as they go out.

peony arrangement by fleurIt's been a lot of back and forth this year.  Moving, packing, weddings, packing flowers, writing proposals, updating emails, planning events & pop ups, paying taxes.  But we're starting to reorganize at work.  I love my team of smiling badasses with their humor and snakiness and sincerity and talent.  Fleur wouldn't be anything without them.

peony centerpiece by FleurLike these flowers we're always changing and adapting.  I already know that 2014 is going to be great.