Northwest and away

For a few days I escaped with a few people who will soon be standing by my side, on a day I am looking so very forward to.  We ran away to the northwest, amidst ocean and woods, sky and river.  I can't begin to tell you the love in my heart from this weekend.  The inspiration, the gratefulness the simplicity and the joy - these words only begin to describe those three days.  Here are a few photos from our weekend, and you can see even more beautiful images on the Simply Jessie Photography blog right HERE.  Jessie's post captures so much feeling, so much peace.  Thank you so much to those who shared this weekend, both with us and from afar.  I adore you all to no end.

Morning Fog

Morning fog rolls in.


We walk through the redwood silence.

Gray foxA gray fox greets us one afternoon.


The solarium filled with sun.


Above, the morning that never ended, as the fog rolled and rolled.  Thick blankets of dew drops in the air humbled us and silenced us as we sipped our coffee and recognized the power and might of the world around us.


Jessie took this last one of me, on our first morning.  This is a big year for me.  Transitions with the business, new roads in my personal life.  As January ends tonight, I see how quickly this year will pass, and I hope that I can take a moment from time to time, stepping away and paying attention to the world around me.  This celebration in the northwest was sparked by a commitment I made to the man I love.  And in a hustling wedding world, it's good to remember why we're all planning this.  Sometimes the details really don't matter, the friends, family and person you love most in in the world always will.