Quiet blogs typically mean busy florist.  One week ago from today, sitting in the kitchen and preparing the brine for a turkey my thoughts were musing around the fact that Thanksgiving had silently crept up the calendar this year.  Quietly, like the moon rising over Lake Michigan on a cloudy night, it's just there in the clearing reminding you that it exists.  As the brine cooled, I sat looking out the window thinking about how very, very, very thankful I am this year.

Weddings are slowing down a little, and we all have some breathing room in the studio.  Time equals reflection and I've been doing a lot of that the last few weeks.  Thinking about all the good things in my life.  My parents.  I'm so proud of them.  They're off across the world in New Zealand, celebrating 45 years of marriage to one another.  They surpassed the hard times and even if they ever wanted to, they never gave up.  They're enjoying one another and new experiences, traveling and exploring and I hope to be as lucky as them.

On the topic of love, Dave.  Who has believed in me and given me so much strength.  Each working among our own harmonies, each doing what we can, when we can and making sure it's the best we can.  The awe I have in him is immense, and the way I glow when I know he's near...I'm often speechless with only color in my heart to describe the joy he brings.

It's really important to sometimes stop and just pay attention to the air and space around you.  Quality of life is precious and truly what we make of it.  I'm not going to get all hippie on you, but I really feel that tonight is nice.  The apartment is quiet, the scent of clove and orange are floating through the living room.  I can smell them.  This past weekend I was in bed for three days with the plague, and I tell you, the scent of orange in my nostrils is intoxicating.  We all know the importance of quiet and silence, but how often do we participate?

These quiet moments of fragrance and air couldn't really be appreciated if not for my staff.  Painting with their maidenhair ferns and sculpting with their succulents.  These artists with whom I share so many laughs and so many aches of the industry.  And we hold one another up and they humor me while I swear too much (fact:  I do) and listen to me change my mind all the time and tolerate me when I decide to go on an organizing binge in the middle of designing a wedding.  Where would I be without these people in my life?  I guarantee you, not sitting and enjoying a moment of peace.  Caleb, Amy, Janelle, Eddie & Kristen, these are people I am so very thankful for.

This isn't some kind of new age post, this isn't me talking to the moon and speaking of new dimensions, but it is nice to sometimes just enjoy the place you're in.  With goals and ambition driving us to work harder to get whatever else it is we want next, sometimes you have to tell yourself to shut the F*$# up and just sit down, close your eyes and stop running around.  And be thankful.

P.S.  I didn't forget about the recipe for these pumpkin, bourbon, ginger milkshakes.  The link is right HERE!)

Hope you all enjoyed a relaxing and loving Thanksgiving.