Another day

It's about time I posted a few more floral photos, it has been a busy last couple of weeks, with lots of meetings and weddings.  Just when we think that things are about to slow down, they pick up in the most rapid way.  It's like watching morning glories grow on the porch.  They slowly start to creep & stretch their vines.  You turn for just a moment and by the time you look back they're already shot up another few feet.

Here are a few snapshots from a wedding we worked a little while back with Greatest Expectations.


It's just a few, because I'm really excited to see the images from the photographer.

We started to reorganize our office and meeting space.  I don't know that my desk will ever be clean, and for the rest of my life post it notes will be tacked everywhere, but I'm really enjoying the way things are looking.  Off to finish a few proposals (I'm at a coffee shop, our internet at work is down.  It's nice to get out of the boutique for a moment).  Hope you're enjoying a lovely afternoon!