Everyone knows that it's wedding season when there are more photos than words on this little blog.  These days we're all thoughtfully designing in the boutique and studio, making nosegays and centerpieces, tying boutonnieres and prepping for weddings.
Caleb used the word grateful today.  I've been feeling grateful these days.
*Opportunity.  Don't get me wrong, I've worked pretty damn hard to get here.  But I'd be a damn fool to not be grateful for everyone who offered me the opportunity to really show them what's in my heart.  Even when I doubted it myself.
*Encouragement. There a lot to be said for just saying, "I believe in you."  It's something you should try.  I remember the first time someone said those exact words to me.  And I remember when I passed those words on to someone else.
*Laughter.  If you don't have a sense of humor, the floral and wedding world isn't for you.  A lot of shit happens around here.  97 degree days with outdoor ceremonies and receptions.  Flowers not arriving the day you want them to.  A good laugh is something to be so very grateful for.
*Challenges.  There have been a lot, and I embrace a good one.  I have a few I'm looking at dead in the eye right now, and I'm rolling up my sleeves.  I'm excited for these.  It's time to jump right in.
And other things, like our incredible Fleur family, the summer in Chicago, shop kitty's songs that she sings to us, the smiles from our customers and clients.  And time.  Oh, how I value my time.  I feel like I've been living at the studio production room or at my dining room table on the computer these days.  In between I'm in my car.  I'm so very grateful that I'm sometimes afforded that quiet time for my crossword, to work on my new business plan and to skim through page after pages of nature studies.  Thinking about conversations of god vs ghost, quantum physics and being lost in the leaves of my basil plants.