A few changes in our hours.

Today was a wonderfully busy and fun afternoon.  New vintage gift items were unpacked and displayed in the boutique.  We processed and prepped flowers and vases for this weekends' weddings.  We discussed wild, gray horses with their manes blowing in the wind and ate our lunches surrounded by pruned stems and branches.  That's a typical afternoon at Fleur in the days leading up to a wedding (I'll leave out the details about taking out the garbage, schlepping heaving objects back & forth, the endless accounting/computing, and what we do when the bridal veil spirea comes in shedding and sad).  Memorial Day weekend is always such a busy time with so many weddings.  I love having so many flowers around!  There will be photos very soon!  Wedding season is here, and the shots are amazing.  But don't forget, we also sell so much in the boutique!

Each week we'll be displaying more and more vintage items, and beginning June 3rd we're opening at 10am on Sundays (two hours earlier).  Visit the farmer's market, stroll through our lovely square and stop in to see what's new.

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to share this bouquet with you from a couple of months back!  I'm completely loving Caleb's designs these days.


In case we run out of time to update, have a wonderful Memorial holiday!  Just to let you know, we'll be

closed this coming Sunday, May 27th 2012.

Staff will be working on setting weddings, leaving a little time to enjoy the beach and some BBQ.  Once the boutonnieres are pinned and centerpieces set, we'll be putting our feet up.  Cheers to the holiday!  We hope to see you before Sunday, and if not enjoy a relaxed and lazy holiday weekend.