We broke away from floral for a moment, this past Sunday night, to work on some different plans.  May we introduce you to Camp Wandawega.

Yes, you're seeing it correctly.  That lovely little, hovering home is a treehouse.

Scared of heights?  Maybe you'd rather nestle inside a teepee for the evening.

Bedrooms are available too, as long as you don't mind sharing a bathroom at the end of the hall (showers are in a different building).  It's like summer camp.  Or being in Europe.  Whichever idea makes you feel more at ease.

Like the floors, Camp Wandawega's history is layered and colorful.  Stories include summer camp, brothels, prohibition and the church (services are still performed on Sundays).

This is a little bit of a rustic dreamland.

Thank you so much to my friend Hilary from Estera Events for sharing it with us!!  We could not be more excited knowing about it!  And if you would like to pretend you live here, stop by the Wandawega Trading Post or pick up Tereasa's book.