Lula's bar

The new counter arrived this afternoon.  It's been in our building a LONG time.  The cigar shop originally owned it, and when our favorite restaurant expanded (Lula Cafe), it was left to them.  Old and worn and wonderful, it's particularly special to me, because it's the actual bar Dave and I met at some 7 or 8 years ago.  Even though we had no idea at the time, I still remember his smile that day.
Lula has once again expanded.  The space is even more beautiful than before, and they have a new bar.  So I asked about the old one.  Now, it's in Fleur.
We have been making a lot.  And moving furniture, rearranging, organizing, overall just feeling really happy and productive.  Speaking of, I need to finish some proposals and updates, so these are for you to enjoy for the moment.

I wish I had more time to write.  It would be wonderful to tell you about the muscari in my flower box, and how I have to breath in its scent each morning before I leave for work.  About how I hear my neighbors laughing outside, and how much I love that sound.  Of joy and smiles and crinkled eyes.  It would be nice to tell you about the moon the other night.  So full and bright, it actually lit up Chicago's skyline.
I'll tell you one thing.  We have a beautiful year planned.