Late March I flew into Boston.  Davey had bought me a plane ticket for my birthday to visit my closest friend, Jess.  That may have been those most amazing, selfless gift in the world.  A year and a half after her move, I teared up a little at the airport when I saw her.  Sometimes I'm sappy like that.  We didn't do very much, mostly we walked around her neighborhood, drank coffee in the morning, talked and caught up and listened.  I miss that girl.  True friends like this do not come around very often.

A long time ago she and I decided to make an apple-whiskey pie.  We (I) added too much whiskey, and it was a bit of a mess.  We also baked cardamon cookies for the holidays one year.  And we shared many moments over bubbles and cheese fries.  That's how classy girls do.  Sometimes months would pass and we wouldn't see one another, or talk even.  Mostly because we were busy sorting out our lives, working hard, falling in love, suffering heartbreak and just being.  When time finally allowed us an afternoon of french food in fancy restaurants downtown, we caught up so quickly as though only a few days had gone by.
I wish I could call her tonight and make plans for yoga class tomorrow evening (I don't even like yoga, although I did give it my best shot).  Jess is one of those friends who is so understanding.  So thoughtful and so kind.  She's a dreamer and romantic, a photographer and a dear friend.  I had a clear head out there.  Friendship, the ocean and salt water air wear well on me.
On an unrelated note, this last image reminds me a lot of Jaws.  Love blue & yellow.