My computer is acting up in the way of not recognizing my camera.  I decided to sit a moment and just relax.  It's raining a bit, and the earth and soil smell lovely.  Last night I couldn't fall asleep until 4am, and even then it was restless.  I'm not even sure what was on my mind.  A little about operations around the boutique, a little bit of planning for today's meetings, a lot about how annoying not sleeping is.
Last night I brought home a few extra bulb plants.  My landlady is very particular about her backyard garden.  I'm not allowed to plant anything, and if I leave a terra cotta pot outside, she will add more flowers to my mini garden.  Resting on the railing is a window box that I hung last year (after requesting permission), so I thought with this unseasonably warm weather it would be nice to grow some hyacinth & muscari.  Digging in the dirt calms me, it's good for the soul, I like dirt under my nails.  Halfway through the flora meditation, she came out and decided to help me.  She robbed me of my garden moments.  I can't say I wasn't slightly bitter.

I want a glass of wine tonight, and I want to put my feet up and listen to someone read to me.  I think I'm taking a break this evening.

Davey has been making homemade pasta, and I've been working on making stocks.  It's been at least a week and a half since I visited the grocery market, and I'm dying to get my hands on some kale.

Yes, taking a personal night this evening.