Mollie Makes Magazine

One of my dearest friends, Jessie from Simply Jessie Photography and I work on very simple shoots from time to time.  They're my favorite kind.  A real couple, simple styling and a few sweet kisses.  Naturally I was elated when Jessie contacted me to share that a photo shoot we worked on together from last year was going to be featured in Mollie Makes Magazine!  You might remember this *adorable* couple, Leanne & Gordon, from the Elizabeth Anne Designs feature inspired by heart shaped cookies, peonies, anemones and her fabulous red hair.

I was even more delighted when we discovered how absolutely darling the magazine is!  Serious cuteness with wonderful tutorials (A cactus pincushion?!!) and inspiring couples.  Making, doing, and loving!  Some of my favorite verbs!
I don't want to give away all the goodness, so here is a little shot of the first page.

Aaaand, why not enjoy some additional Valentine inspiration that didn't make it into the print, but I knew you'd enjoy anyway.


What are you doing for Valentine's Day?  This weekend I'm pulling out my paint brushes and canvas for a little surprise.  I'm glad that Davey rarely reads this blog, so he won't have a clue of my plans.  I'm excited for the Valentine shipments to arrive.  Something sweet is definitely in the air. xo