Indie Wed with Fleur & Greatest Expectations

A week ago we participated in Indie Wed, a really fun bridal show in Chicago.  Fleur shared a booth with our dear friends Greatest Expectations, basing our look on a wintry theme.  We were thinking snowy castles with crystals and lace.  Blues, ivory, cream and grays with touches of a natural woodland brown.  We stayed away from the rustic trend, and kept it warm with glow and sparkle.  Our lovely friend Jaclyn Simpson took some wonderful photos for us!

Caleb and are are honestly quite a little camera shy, we think the booth behind us (also featuring Sugar Chic Designs and Ruby the Fox) is way better looking.

The neutral colors make us really so happy to be around.  And we were very excited that so many attendees enjoyed the display, commenting on the cotton accents.

The overall look was a little bit magical and a little bit elegant.

Our bridal bouquet was wrapped with a maypole ribbon trimming.

A few bleached peacock feathers and lovely lace ribbon and delicate doilies were scattered among the collection of blooms and candles.

A crystal canopy draped across the doors that Davey and I picked up from The Rebuilding Exchange.  We painted them and made them stand on their own, creating an intimate backdrop.  We've really been into magical moments lately.  Giraffes wearing bonnets, fancy tea parties with a fox and a loon, children's books and mysterious mirrors.

It was a fun day, a long day, an inspiring day and an overall great day.  We loved meeting so many couples, hanging out with our friends in the industry and just getting down with some creativity.  Thank you to everyone who visited our Indie Wed booth!!!!


These days we're catching up on a lot of paper work (right.., it's not all creativity over here, sadly), and starting to sharpen our pruners for valentine's day.  Reds and rubies, blush and fuchsia, chocolate and plum.  Garden roses and sprays, tulips and ranunculus.  We've ordered our favorite floral goodies and are anticipating the shipments arriving.  Whether you're looking to bring out your inner vampire with blood red roses and dark accents, or your soft and romantic side with ranunculus and gloriosa lilies in milk glass, it's going to be pretty no matter what.