Confessions of a florist: French lentils and stuffy noses.

Sneeze.  Blow nose.  Wipe & repeat.  Four days leading up to Valentine's Day, and I've quite the cold.  I'm sitting here in bed with my laptop, Davey's laptop (playing Law & Order SVU...many of you know this not-so-guilty pleasure of mine), a box of tissues and a file folder filled with invoices for quickbooks.  However, productivity is non existent.
This cold has me foggy and slow, and so rather than continuing to work on my accounting duties I began considering travel plans.  A happy little diversion.  Cities to explore, roads to walk, and tonight it was rivers and ruins.  Bannerman's Castle to be exact.  Flooded & falling apart, a small island in the Hudson River.  Over grown with foliage and mystery.  Tendrils and vines climbing through the decrepit, possibly haunted walls.  Such a curious place, and thanks to Shaun O'Boyle for capturing the above image.  You can see more of this historic, floating mansion right HERE.

Despite the runny nose and pressure in my head, I'm looking forward to this weekend.  Valentine's day seems daunting when we first think about all the work, but each year we're more and more organized.  And the variety in the boutique is exciting.  Plus, I'm still feeling really good after attending a two day workshop for wedding professionals.  Working on efficiency and a business plan for a new endeavor.  Still a ways off, but you have to start somewhere.
Today while processing we were talking a lot about color and a lot about meals.  Caleb mentioned the beauty of french lentils.  (This photo is taken from HERE)
All of us found them immediately intriguing.  Flecks of blue, shades of champagne and slate.  A fantastic palette, and I wrote some thoughts for later.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to write a book based on meals with flowers inspired by the ingredients?  I hope I just didn't give that idea away.