phone photos

We keep forgetting to bring the camera to the boutique and take photos.  So it has been a lot of phone photos.  Instagrams and all that.  And we've been making so many pretty things, lately.  And we're remodeling.  Each week something different is happening.   It's been fun listening to people stop in and say, "Something's different...".  Just wait.  We're preparing for the decade celebration.  It's going to look like awesome town.

Here is an arrangement Caleb just designed.

And we can't get enough of this mamma & baby.

We've been meeting with so many couples, planning 2012 and two, 2013 weddings.  Talking & typing and creating isn't so bad now that it has snowed & this is our view.

And we've been nibbling on sandwiches made with cheese from here.

We're slowly restocking on gift items.  Porcelain amazingness, glass piggies & mice, two of our favorite paper lines (one made in Logan Square) and jewelry.  Holy shit, the jewelry.  And we just started ordering our Valentine's Day flowers.  Some of our favorites.