Holidaze 2011

Holidaze 2011 (You can read about Holidaze 2010 right HERE)

Monday, my favorite day of the week because I'm off.  Today was spent wrapping gifts with paper & twine, organizing my little studio room, & looking up photos of baby animals once Davey came back from the music studio.  It's fair to say that I'm his biggest fan (and harshest critic at times), and his dedication to playing has been inspiring for me.  These days with the non-stop pace of life, it's hard to be true and passionate to what you love.  It's also hard to be supportive of the person you're in love with, and respect their time to do what it is that makes them feel happy and complete.  Facing a little bit of stress with the year coming to an end (and what a year, I think this was the busiest I have *ever* been with work, family and other obligations), we almost held onto some silent arguments for more than 1/2 day.  But wow... we always talk through it, and understand one another even more afterwards.  So, rather than forcing our 1.5 day of seeing one another (damn you, opposite schedules!!!) to an overload of "me and you", he leaves to play music, I bust out some watercolors.  And when we meet up, we both have that sparkle in our eyes, and it's like we haven't seen each other in days, and we can't wait to just hang out (even if it is just watching Law & Order SVU on my laptop).


We didn't have time to decorate our tree this year, so it's just lights.  I've enjoyed the simplicity.  I think keeping things basic can really translate to sophistication.  Our little tree arrive partially adorned with mother nature's touch this year.  We found wild grasses and cottonwood tucked into the branches.

Aside from the scent of pine floating throughout the apartment, sitting atop the melodies of us humming some random carols, it doesn't quite feel like Christmas is less than a week away with this 50 degree weather.  Not that I can complain, I love this weather, but I am hoping and crossing my fingers for a little snow come the 25th. We'll see.

The Farmer's Almanac does, however, tell us that we're expecting a cold and wet January & February.  So at least I know I'll still be able to hike at Starved Rock to the frozen waterfalls, and I admit, I AM kind of hoping for another storm that shuts Chicago down for a day (As long as it's a week before Valentine's Day, or on the 15th).  Shit, did I even just mention Valentine's Day?  Let's get back on track.  Just yesterday I was in The Rebuilding Exchange picking up materials for our Indiewed booth (For those of you who don't know about Indiewed, it's the only bridal show I'll partake in.  It's just a lot more fun than the average show decked out with stephanotis and a whole lot of other weddings "things" that are fine and all, but just not us). It made me excited to start building things.  Poor Davey, I haven't yet told him about my plans for shelving at home so I can have more plants.  And then the boutique.  Lots of ideas to reorganize this year.  Can't even wait!

This week is going to be nice & easy.  We have lots of cute gift items, and I keep forgetting to bring my camera to work to take photos to show you.  But Caleb & Amy will wrap them up pretty for you, and kitty will sing you all the Christmas carols she knows, in her best Liza Minnelli voice.  And we'll all hope together, for a little bit of snow.  If not for anything else, than to sip a glass of red & watch it fall.