Do you know the soil that nurtures our blooms?

Are you familiar with the place where there is more sky than land?

We're back home.
Although there was no snow, we did enjoy quite a bit on our escape up north.  Train rides, old hotels, surprise appearances in supper clubs, lobster & steak.  Too many sugar cookies, lots of toasts and hugs.  I'm sitting here on the eve of New Year's Eve, listening to Zoe Keating play the cello.  Another year is over and many tonight are considering the past, writing resolutions and thinking about the future.  I'm one of them.
I was happy for 2010 to end, and I entered 2011 just beginning to recover from the plague.  Definitely on the way up and out of coughing fits and a very sore throat, but still it was a struggle to regain strength and heal.  What a metaphor for the entire year.  I had no idea at the time  (frankly I'm quite glad I didn't know at the time) that 2011 was going to bring a year of wonderful things.  Amazing lessons, introductions, ideas and family.., all that came to us, demanding patience, physical labor, time and will power.  Truly testing my heart and strength.  I fell into fits and starts of trying to balance a little time to myself, while running a business filled with non-perishables and emotions.  To go to the gym, to make time to read, to work 13 hour days, and to attempt to sleep solid nights.  Such was 2011.  The year I just hit the ground running.
The boutique is still closed until January 3rd, and I woke this morning feeling a little bit refreshed.  In the kitchen, I chased the flavors of honey and clementine while sorting dried lavender and organizing the tea tin.  I moved the enamel table to my studio, and the wooden one into the kitchen.  It feels better, there is more space where it is needed, and the colors make more sense.  The enamel table is so cold, some mornings I hated sitting at it, responding to emails and wishing I lived in California.  There are a lot of goals I have for 2012, and this morning I realized that I've spend the last month preparing for them.
My personal list of goals are simple.  I want to become a better musician and I want to go back to France.  I want to cook more, grow my hair longer, become a better photographer and read more about the meaning of trees.  I want to work on watercolors regularly and I definitely want to begin painting images of David Austin roses with oil paint.  I want to start saving money for the home we buy.  My goals for the shop are a little more complicated.  They start with simple things, moving and twisting in the spectrum of time and patience.
I want to reorganize our design space.
I want to reorganize the portfolio and begin some excel sheets.
I want to build more relationships with our local farmers and I want more gifts in the boutique.
I want to redo the website, and I want to paint the boutique the color I dreamt the space to be some 6 years ago.
I want to (eventually) write a book, and I'm considering something else that I can't tell you about, because a talented friend and I are still in the planning stages.
I want to travel more and I want to work on a few weddings in the hills (Do you know I travel for weddings now?).  I want to start working on my business plan for a venue.  I don't want to, I am working on it.  I'm certainly a dreamer, but I also know that I can and I will, when I set my mind to it.
I know (KNOW) 2012 is going to be a very good year.  Staff is away right now, each are visiting their friends & families over the holidays and I miss them.  Do you know the soil that nurtures our peonies and ranunculus?  Our helleborus and nodding tulips and geranium?  It is Caleb's creative mind and amazing humor.  It is Amy's tenderness towards design and enthusiasm for all the blooms that arrive in the shop.  It is all the girls & guys that come throughout the year, helping us create, moving vases and blowing out candles and relighting them once again.
Thank you.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us for so many years and moments.  Thank you for all your kind words, your joy and love for design, your appreciation for beauty and your patience as we run our little/big business.  Thank you for another year of being given the opportunity to create, to enjoy, to be ourselves and to be a part of your lives in ways we can't even imagine, but are ever so humbled by.  May 2012 be bright and warm, filled with goodness, inspiration, and joy for the simple things in life.

Happy New Year!!!