Happy Thanks

First day back to work and still recovering from a serious turkey coma.  I'm carrying around a lovely little food baby from all the deliciousness that went on this weekend.  Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is one of my most favorite things to do in the world.  While preparing all the treats, roasting veggies, sauteing garlic, brining turkey & adding a little extra butter to the mashed potatoes, I really do think about all the people and love in my life.  Without them, I wouldn't be able to work in such a way that I dearly love so much.  I'm so grateful and so thankful for the kindness and laughter and support from those around me, that have made me want to do my best.

This year was also lovely because Davey's sister Anne stayed with us for a week.  Time spent visiting and talking, sewing draft dogs for the windows, chopping the carrots.  Wandering through conservatories and old mansion on the south side.  It was simple and lovely.

The holidays are here, and I'm excited to hang the evergreen garland, drink warm teas and watch more programs on quantum physics, nestled in warm wool blankets.  Ou wedding season is coming to an end for 2011, and what a beautiful year it's been.  I'm so thankful to all our brides & grooms, their families, and the incredible colleagues that have allowed us so much creativity this year.

The last few weeks were so busy, busy, busy and after taking some time off this past weekend, I'm itching to create and make again.  The proposals I'm working on look good.  I'm thinking about Indie Wed & Inspired Creations & lavender sachets.