Season winding down

We're finishing up some centerpieces for this weekend.  Lots of white, and with the touch of snow falling from the sky earlier this afternoon, I have to admit, I'm excited for hot cups of cocoa with homemade marshmallows.  I'm recovering from one of those sinus cold.., the kind that linger.  Lots of cups of emergen-c, handkerchiefs and bowls of hot soup later, I'm excited to be making bouquets & centerpieces again for this weekend's weddings.After a number of days of staying in bed, I took my stuffy nose to the Lincoln Park Conservatory for a little fresh air and foliage beauty.  It's quite magical.  Fern fronds and spanish moss take me to a different place.  I don't even know what day it is when I'm here.  I've been walking around a lot in circles, both at home & in the boutique.  Partially out of it, pink nose dripping, and at the same time trying to cram in all the last details.  Plans for a holiday fest in Logan Square, the last weddings of the year, and debating on whether or not to order more wintry candles.

Even right now as I'm typing I'm between slices of birch, tallo berries, olive branches and crystal votives.  Unwritten proposals staring me in the eye.  I'm sorry my proposals are behind this week, this cold really caught me off guard.  I honestly thought mercury was in retrograde with yesterday & today's lack of flow, and when I do find time to sit down and respond to emails my mind starts drifting off to Paris.  The tickets have been purchased.  Maybe it's just that time of year.  I'm craving Lula's pasta yia yia and think I might have to order it for dinner.  Then sit down on the couch, wrapped in wool blankets and send out all these proposals.  We're ready for our weddings this weekend, Kristin is rattling off facts about snow leopards (Did you know they can jump 20-50' in the air?), Caleb is packing our tool box, and Amy is making signs for the delphinium and ranunculus.  Hope you're having a lovely evening.