You say pumpkin, farmer says puuunkin.

One of the best things about being a florist are the days I can break away from the computer & the pruners, and head out to some farms for local product.  This past weekend I pulled on my wellies, and braved the rain soaked, muddy, fields to pick out the most perfect pumpkins to bring to you.

Every time I visit a pumpkin farm I literally have to conceal my excitement less I freak out the farmers.  My heart races and I typically have to stand still, taking in the colors and shapes.  The intricacies of their patterns are beautiful.  Some are speckled, some are misty.

My favorite this year is the Fairytale pumpkin, a gorgeous French heirloom variety.  They're a little a little squat and have a beautiful foggy pattern.  They're also edible!  We have some in the boutique right now, and are picking up more tomorrow!

These farmers are seriously the most.  I want to be their neighbor, living next door, hanging out with them on the porch discussing pumpkin recipes.  Pumpkin quesadillas, pumpkin seed mole, roasted pumpkin, pumpkin soup... This year we'll even have pie pumpkins available!  Carve them or cook them, but definitely toast the seeds.

We're offering a lovely collection of pumpkin centerpieces for Halloween & Thanksgiving.  You know them, we make them every year & they're beautiful.

Davey took this photo, above.  I'm so ready to move to this place.  Driving down the gravel road we watched hawks soar the sky, & for the first time in my life witnessed a raven in the middle of the road.  Those beauties are *enormous*!  And when I say "beauty", I mean intimidating, fierce and rough looking bird.  Flanked by two crows, it really was the perfect experience, and began to put us in the mood for darker moments including horror movies and pumpkin beer.

We're almost into October, and ready for horror movie month.  This year we're getting serious with Suspiria (an Italian coven of witches at a ballet school!?  The Goblins writing the soundtrack?!), The Exorcist, and if I build up the courage... The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  This time of year is incredible.