September's clouds are rolling in.  They're my favorite clouds of the year.  Maybe it's the light or the cool air that's making them so fluffy, but the way they roll in from the north east has always relaxed and grounded me.  The last month I didn't have many days off, let alone time to myself.  However, we do try to make the best of our brief time together.

Listening to Grinderman and thinking about autumn.  I woke up yesterday, exhausted from the weekend, feeling a little unsettled.  Mostly I just wanted to be somewhere in the middle of the woods, hunting down rust colored amaranthus and picking acorns branches to make little arrangements with no one particular in mind.  Early March I start to think that Spring is my favorite season.  Until autumn's breeze reminds me of pomegranate & persimmon branches.  It's hard to choose.

I disrupted this busy week for a moment to stop and feel excited for the change of season.  Soon we have to start paying attention to the nod of the trees that winter is coming.  Don't miss the leaves changing color, it's like not getting your luggage on the plane in time.  You still arrive and you're not lost, but it's definitely not as comfortable.


Let's start September.