10 days and waiting

I'm so sorry to have made you wait an entire 10 days for an updated post.  It tells you how busy we've been around here.  I jinxed us about a month ago when I casually mentioned to a friend, "August is always slow.  I'm going to take it easy, go to the beach, relax a little."  Nothing of the sort.  And we're continuing the chaos for the entire month of September as well.  Thankfully the Fleur family is nothing short of outstanding and talented and amazing and hilarious.  I mean that.  And a BIG thank you to all our brides the past two weeks who were patiently awaiting updates and proposals and style boards.  Your calmness helped us make it through the piles of petals surrounding our entire existence!

I'm actually a little bit at a loss of words at the moment.  Between a latte and an iced tea, my brain is floating with floral orders, blue mason jars, snapdragons and custard glass.

The local blooms in the boutique these days have been beautiful & exciting.  Hydrangea galore.  Plate dahlias.  Wild grasses & clover.  We've been working really hard on the storefront.  I think some of you know how much it has changed in the last year.  It's funny to think how two years ago I was very close to selling.  Some of you don't know that.  I hated the floral world, I was giving up.  I had shit being thrown at me left and right and I had to just get through it.  I planned on moving to Kentucky and hiding in the hills.  But it's not always that easy and running away is for pussies.  Out of nowhere there was a little whisper in my ear.  A sprig of Queen Anne's Lace and a poppy from down the street brought me back to reality (I looked for them this summer in the same garden, but this heat moved too fast).  That's when I began taking walks again.  Those walks were time spent thinking about the present.  I couldn't always be focused too much on the future, it was causing me to miss everything happening right now.  Such a simple thought, so easily forgotten.

This has been an interesting summer.  Goals and dreams haven't changed, rather shifted naturally.  I can't believe that there was a moment when flowers didn't excite me the way the did in the past and do once again.  Actually, two and three years ago are really difficult to remember.  Probably because the right now is just so good.

My carpal tunnel is back & tomorrow I'm getting some acupuncture from my friend Kim.  Then I'm taking a partial personal day to write hand written letters to two of my closest friends.  And I'm thinking I'm going to watch Seraphine, because I'm in the mood for the palette and the colors and quite frankly the slowing down.  Just for a day.  Then it's back to all of you.