Minnesota (is) Nice

It's nothing new to anyone that I am a day dreamer.  Each year it becomes a little more intense.  Driving home I'm occasionally worried that I'll find myself in a car accident because I'm staring at the cloud formations or the mist over the Humboldt lagoon.  When I write estimates and start considering color palettes my thought pattern switches to mosaics and mansions decaying in some far off paradise.  I find myself jealous of the kitties as they gaze out windows, staring at nothing.  And I'm perfectly content sitting near water listening to the loons and watching the patterns in waves.

Davey and I just returned home from our annual trip to Minnesota.  Resting at the cabin with family.  Eating, laughing, cooking, drinking, reading, talking, fishing, enjoying, being.

I'll be honest.  I escape from the city as much as possible.  I want to be near water, in the middle of nowhere.  I want silence and bird calls.  I don't mind the buzz from the bumblebee and the splash from the fish.  City traffic makes me crazy.  Maybe I'm getting old, but people can mean.  Everyone can be so demanding.  Working in the wedding industry means you're working in the service industry, and from time to time some people forget that we all have lives and dreams and goals and wishes and our work ethic is strong and solid (Fortunately, our clients & boutique guests rarely fall into the category of Entitled Children).  But yes, the city wears me out.  So when this happens, I retreat.

I retreat to family and simple things.  Vintage bed sheets as table cloths, picking wild flowers with Anne for the dinner table (per her fabulous suggestion), drinking white wine out of vintage glass goblets and laughing so hard with loved ones that my eyes tear.  I retreat to my daydreams.  I rediscover my inspiration.  I fall in love again.  I breathe deeper and more full.  I also eat potato chips.  Cottage life.  It's grand.

With ribs & steak from John's supper club, Wiederholt's (If you EVER have the chance to visit Minnesota, this is the most amazing supper club I have ever eaten at.  If you follow my blog you know this is not the 1st time I've mentioned it) and fresh fish we caught that afternoon, not even Martha can capture these memories.

Minnesota, you're nice.