Derbys, weddings & mothers & banjos.

Some time back I decided I wanted to begin collecting vintage bird cages.  I thought about it for a long time, analyzing whether or not it was practical.   Let's face it.  A bird cage (sans the birds.., although I do miss having little budgies waking me up in the morning with their sunshine songs) will collect dust.  Do I want more dust in the house?  More surfaces to clean?!  Is there an actual utilitarian purpose for owning a collection of old metal pieces shaped into a cage?  Am I just in a phase, similar to that one when owned about 56,000 images of boats that I thrifted or etched or painted myself in college?  Then it came to me.  A voice.  I NEED birdcages!  They are outstanding!  Architectural masterpieces!  Beauty and mathematics!  Additionally, how else can I root my spider plants without the cats chewing on them?  The bathroom ledge is becoming too cluttered.  Where else will those leftover pillars candles burn?  I can't just throw them away, they're perfectly great wax.   And we all know, candles aren't just for hippies (whoever said that is an idiot, anyway).


Sigh.  I have a fabulous bird cage (Actually two.  One is still at Fleur, I haven't brought it home yet).  You'll see lots of photos of it soon, but tonight I don't really feel like busting out the fancy lens to show you.  Why?  Because I am doing some things I haven't in YEARS.   First, look at how beautiful the storefront is right now with all our Mother's Day and wedding & Derby flowers in.

Yellow peonies are one my most favorite flowers EVER.  I wait all year to see them, and they never disappoint.

Coral peonies and rex begonias.  !!!!!!!!

Look at those beautiful prints from Rifle Paper Company.  We have lots of their cards and box sets as well.  And trailing jasmine.  I have mixed feelings of Los Angeles whenever I'm confronted with jasmine's scent.  At the end of the day I always give in.  Jasmine may be one of the reasons I love LA so much.


So there Fleur is for you.


After finishing all but one update this evening I decided to pour myself a glass of fancy wine.  Pinot noir from the region of Languedoc (that's the south of France, in case you weren't sure).  Then I poured myself a 2nd glass.  Then I decided I would listen to some music.., a particular song in fact (Anne, thank you!).   One that includes the banjo.  Oh yes... that's exactly what I'm talking about.  Red wine, France and the banjo.  At this point I've listened to this song a good 20 times this evening, I've been trying to figure out its chords.  I took out my banjo.  I've played along and sang along.  And I also realized that I need to start spending my summers in France and my winters in Kentucky.  As long as there are amazing flowers, some red wine and hopefully both a guitar and violin that I can play along with, I think I'll be happy for the rest of my life.