choir loft dreaming

Sometimes I'm slightly annoyed when people proclaim how much they dislike carnations.  Look at these beauties, with their antiqued color.  And they smell fabulous.  When I was a little girl and my mother took me into flower shops to order this or pick up that, the strongest scent I always noticed was the spicy carnation.  They're so familiar to me.  We even planted them in the garden (Mom allotted me a small area that I could grow anything I wanted.  It was always overgrown with mint and herbs and white roses and peonies).  I LOVED them as a little girl and was beyond crushed when the rabbits came and ate them all.

Today is a good day.  I am actually for once (and certainly not for long) caught up on every single estimate, email and phone call.  And it's 80 degrees outside and tonight I leave for a little pre-wedding season vacation.  Tonight we're sleeping in a choir loft and tomorrow we'll wake to a rain storm.  We've packed tea, uno and cribbage.  The guitar and banjo are tuned.  I've kissed Bootleg & Tippie kitten 100 times and packed my bag.  See you all on Friday.