Chapel by the Spring

Technically today is still my day off.  It's the last day of my vacation, but I can't wait to show the images of the most perfect, little boutique hotel that Davey I rented the past four days.  This is Chapel by the Spring, quite possibly the most wonderful little over night getaway I have ever stayed at.

We arrived Sunday evening, armed with a bottle of champagne, a cribbage board and no idea of the charm that was awaiting us.  The first 30 minutes we could do nothing but roam around, peeking into all the nooks and crannies this little chapel has to offer.  Kym, the owner, has such an incredible design aesthetic and with the dark sky and the lights from the lamps and chandeliers illuminating the stained glass windows, we were immediately filled with warmth and comfort.

Our first night provided an even more exciting surprise, a spectacular lightening and thunderstorm!  Normally it takes days for the city to leave my system.  That wasn't the case this time.

One of the greatest amenities about this chapel is the full kitchen.  Nothing makes me happier than homemade meals, laughing, talking, listening... We played uno and cribbage while cooking and sipping champagne.  We also bought the banjo and guitar out to the grass and watched the birds in the trees and the rabbit hop around the back.

Each morning we brewed tea while planning out our excursions of the day.  Driving around the countryside, an afternoon of bowling, going to Milwaukee for some brats just to come back again.  Davey afforded me all the time I wanted to antique with a promise of a beer (or two) at the local roadhouse around the corner (Spotted Cow!).  He found himself a new accordion, and I picked up quite a few new items for the storefront.  And maybe, perhaps, began a new collection of vintage items for weddings...

Our plan is quite simple.  Return to this chapel as often as time affords us.  It was so quiet, so relaxing and peaceful.  We moved at ease and reminded ourselves how important time spent together is.

This chapel, as much as I don't want to share it, can be rented for so many events!  I picture the most perfect bridal shower here!  Or a bachelorette getaway.  It can also be rented for petite and intimate weddings.  Or a girl's weekend away.  And most definitely a little romantic escape for any couple needing some time to remember what it's all about. I'm closing my laptop for now.  I still have a few hours left to enjoy the peace and happiness I brought home with me from Wisconsin.