A day without the internet

This past Monday I started something new for myself.  I left my cell phone at home.  At first I felt a little anxiety (which is completely ridiculous) thinking I was missing some really important information or I wasn't responding to emails/texts fast enough.  Also, how the hell was I going to know what time it was?  Then I realized I can just buy a cheap watch.  And the emails aren't going anywhere and the shop is closed on Mondays.  Then I started to relax.

Davey and I were going to stop downtown and drink a coffee when we decided to stop in the Cultural Center.  He had never seen the Tiffany dome and I felt like looking at some art.  We were very excited to have stumbled upon a show about Louis Sullivan.  I felt such a connection to him and the his design aesthetic, pulling so much inspiration from nature's mathematics and beauty.  And rather than snapping 100 photos on my camera or cell phone, I actually took it all in.  And enjoyed my time with Davey.  Enjoyed my cafe au lait as I slowly strolled around.  And just enjoyed slowing down in general.

(Sometimes I get really annoyed with technology.)

It was really wonderful to step back and think about all the places I find my inspiration.  I picked up a book on quilting and realized how much I just LOVE contrast in color.  But that's a post for another day..


Right now I'm taking a quick break from a rather off day.  Allergies + florists always equals an interesting mixture.  The flowers are pretty gorgeous around here, however.

And because of that we get to make pretty fabulous things like this.

Lots of things going on around here, we ordered some amazing flowers for Mother's Day such as peach and yellow parrot tulips, some of our most favorite garden roses, checkered frittilaria, lady slipper orchids, and some other beauties.  Also, wedding season is here.  I can't think of the next weekend I have off, but I am really looking forward to how pretty it's about to become.