wind flowers

It's anemone season.  They're also known as wind flowers, which comes from the Greek word anemos.  They're appropriate for today as I look out my kitchen window and see the bare branches gesturing in the cool morning breeze.

I've also read that they're associated with death by the Chinese and in Greek mythology first bloomed from the blood of Aphrodite's slain lover, Adonis.  As the wind blew away the petals death came forward.  That's some hefty history for such delicate beauty.  I'm not gonna hold a grudge.

This is an exciting weekend.  We have three house guests beginning to arrive this afternoon.  I still need to make a berry salad and some squash with quinoa (Don't worry, I'm catching up on all my estimates and updates first).  I'm sitting down right now listening to A Hawk & a Hacksaw and added some rosehips to my tea.  It's more and more apparent that my escape to warmer weather and a little rest was exactly what I needed.  Now I'm feeling back to that old self.  Maximum productivity and eliminate the bullshit (Thanks, Little James).    Three mile runs, making meals, finishing paperwork, cleaning the apartment and buying a new rug for the living room.  Not to mention hitting two of my favorite wholesalers in the morning, returning to a mock up and four meetings in two days and stocking the fridge with groceries.  And enjoying a glass of wine when it's all over.


Okay, that time for tea and writing is what I needed to start off a calm morning.


What are you doing this weekend?