peach sunset

It's a little funny to think that just a few days ago I was admiring this sunset walking along the beach with my love and witnessed a shark 15' away from shore, while on the way home to a delicious BBQ with my parents, Ricardo & Monique.  What a fantastic little getaway!  I didn't think about Fleur for a second (not that I don't love all of you, but everyone ocassionally becomes a little sick of those they love the most.)!

Neridness brought about discussions whether palm trees are coniferous or deciduous (turns out they're evergreens).  Everyone searched for shark teeth and we fished.  Drank tea on the little deck and watched the waves.  I can get used to that & now I understand why people retire.

Of course, I returned to piles of estimates to write and update.  Admittedly, my sunburn and time away are & always will be worth it.


On a separate note, my recent memories of my relaxing vacation near the mysterious and beautiful waters of the Gulf remind of today's Tsunami.  How the sea is so unpredictable.  Nature is the most humbling presence and there was no doubt of it while we watched the waves crash & discussed it's strength against the shore.  My thoughts & heart go out to all affected by today's earthquake and tsunami.  I wish you all peace and strength.