jonquils and cats.

Enjoy these pretty jonquils that Caleb just used in a delivery.  Even though the air is brisk this fine, Sunday afternoon, it's absolutely gorgeous out!  I'm really in a wonderful mood, perhaps because this is my fake Friday.  Finishing up the week's estimates and proposals and updates after a truly sweet wedding yesterday (working with the ever lovely Greatest Expectations team, and eagerly awaiting the photos from Simply Jessie who has taunted me with a text of how beautiful the images are!) I am incredibly excited to share some birthday wishes with a dear friend, Amanda.  Happy birthday Amanda!!! (we also designed the floral decor for her and Billy's Vegas wedding just shy of a year ago!).  And..., being Sunday and fake Friday and all that goodness, it's my evening to spend with my Mr Wonderful.  He's been working hard stripping our dining room chairs and I think it's time to take a break and enjoy some time together.  :)  Hope you're all enjoying a gorgeous afternoon, and see you on Tuesday!


P.S.  here is a photo of our Bootleg, who also has been soaking up the rays of sunshine in little patches throughout our apartment.  Boots, you've come a long, long way.  Remember when we used to call you Little Ugly?  You're still sometimes a jerk, but also crazy awesome.