Glass and daydreams

The last couple of weeks have been such a flurry of work and designing and writing and planning and emailing and making.  Weeks and weeks of verbs.  When I'm at work I'm all over the place with flower, candle, soap orders, pulling together bundles of blooms for delivery, planning the new website and researching where to find what I want for phase two of the remodel and now thinking about remodeling my office and consultation room.  It's never dull.

This continues at home.  We just moved all our records out of the living room and changed my craft room into a music room/study.  I must drive Davey crazy with my ideas to move around the apartment.  I want it less fussy, more open and airy with windows and simplicity, not a lot on the walls, please and less patterns everywhere!  They’re making my brain crazy.  OR I want shelving and my cabinets of curiosities.  The seashells I’ve collected from trips around the world, the sand and soil of far away lands, a bay window of begonias in pots covered with snowy patinas and a collection of glass goblets shining rainbows through the room.  Patterned curtains, hanging windows and feathers enclosed in glass.   Christ, you’d think I have a split personality.

This is going to be the year the business plan full on meets the artistic side of Fleur.  They're gonna fall in love.  Bells will ring, conifers will sigh, birds will sing.  It's gonna be a good year.  Now I'm off to my mock up and then dinner with my lovely friend Sam.  I wonder what she's cooking, I'm excited to meet her cats that I've heard stories about.