Sprigs & stuff

So many things on the to-list right now.  I drank a coffee today and feel like a spaz.  Still have to buy stamps for the cards and then mail them out.  And a couple of gifts left to pick up/finish sewing/wrap.  And pick dates on the calendar for our Spring Sessions (weekend tutorials coming soon to the shop!).  And rearrange the shop.  And figure out where I'm going to find all that fake brick paneling.  And accounting.  GAH!  I hate accounting!  I'm going to go eat a hamburger and drink a glass of red wine and get back to all this list making.  My favorite part of list making is crossing off everything once it's done.

Also,  anyone have a copy of the Spring/Summer 2011 CS Brides?  We're on page 176, but I've yet to see it!