Whoever stole my cc #, you're goin' DOWN.

Mentally tonight I am somewhere between here:

and here:

It's only Wednesday and I'm experiencing some craziness this week.  Mercury is in retrograde.  That makes sense because I was a victim of skimming scam with a debit card.  And well, a LOT of money later I'm still arguing with the bank about it.  Another trip tomorrow.

Despite that crap, this weekend I helped style a really great photo shoot.  There will be some details about that tomorrow, but as always, I love working with Simply Jessie and thoroughly enjoyed the work of Sarah Drake Design, as well.

And tomorrow I am finishing up all my estimates from last week.  And working on my least favorite part of the job: Accounting.  Seriously.  It sucks.  As well as I am hoping to clean my closet and organize the pile of clothes on the floor.  An ex once told me that I live like a gypsy when it comes to my clothes, and sadly it's true.  Hangers are over rated.

Once all this holiday business at work is over, I am going to pick up some new ink pens.  I miss drawing pretty things like plums and figs.

Tomorrow be prepared for some amazing photos.  You love snow.  And the color yellow.  And peonies.

And now I'm taking a break.  It's 9pm and I want to read.

Ready for an early day tomorrow!!!