Pinks and pumpkins.

Anemones are starting to show off their glorious little petals these days and each week tell us they are more and more fabulous.

Last night I took a break from updating estimates and logging 56,000 invoices into quickbooks.  I grabbed a down blanket, plopped on the couch with a cup of chamomile and watched something to make me laugh.   The Big Lebowski and Anchorman. Admittedly, I felt guilty the first 20 minutes but then once snuggled and comfy, I lost track of everything.  The laptop was closed and the phone shut off.  This morning I woke up feeling great.  I'm going to make a habit of not working so late anymore and saving my ideas for the morning.


On and entirely separate note, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Monique & Ricardo.

They're my parents.  I hope you're enjoying a beautiful and loving day.