The Volo Bog

The 2010 wedding season is slowing down, although it certainly is not coming to an end just yet.  Seven months of non-stop weddings is, quite frankly, exhausting.  Not just the manual labor, the meetings, the makings, the packing, the delivering, the set up.., it's also the emotions involved.  Every weekend we are a part of one of the most important days in a couple's life, and that is something so very special and something I am so grateful to be a part of.  I love our couples!  And being around them also is a constant reminder of how much I love my mister, and how I try to make some time for the two of us.  Monday we had the last minute idea to drive out to the Volo Bog and share some quiet time together in nature.

I had never been to a bog before, and it really did exceed my expectations.  It was windy and the cotton ball clouds thick, but enough sun was shining to warm our skin as we made our way along the floating boardwalks.  Spying geese and a muskrat (or otter?), a couple of frogs, pitcher plants and sumac, it was a peaceful and imaginative afternoon.

Being late October, the colors were incredibly muted.  Worn wheat, soft ambers and lots of grey.  We ate our sandwiches that we brought from Fiore's (The hidden sub and Italian import shop in my neighborhood) and listened to the wind shake the trees.

Autumn is such a strong time for reflection.  I was thinking about how much time he  and I spend side by side in nature, among the bark and moss, the wild grasses and reeds, water and leaves.  This is where I am happiest, and our escapes out of the city become so vital.  Even if it's just a walk through the Ukrainian Village gardens or across Humboldt Park, sitting by the lagoon watching the old men fish, it's so essential.

It's places like these that remind me of my childhood.  That allow for day dreaming, that provide an awakening and enthusiasm for everything I do, and the people I spend my time with.

Dave snuck that last one of me.  It really sums up how I felt the entire time, as though I was walking into something surreal and new and exciting.  I'm fighting a cold tonight.  As I type I'm snuggled in bed with my laptop, with a bootleg cat by my side and I'm feeling comfort.  Comfort for what's done and for what is to come.  It's blustering and awful outside, I have my chamomile on the side table.  October has treated us with a gentle hand, and I hope you have all enjoyed its time.