I was searching through my files for something and ended up forgetting what is was, because I started to think about these bouquets instead.  Some of my favorites of 2010.

That photo was by Pret a Poser Photography.  Garden roses.

This one is from Dean Thorsen. Everything about this makes me happy.  Especially the yellow peonies.

I took this photo.  I'm not sure what is the most exciting here, the black eye anemones, the scalloped ranunculus or the velvet ribbon.  It's frosty and delicious.

And once again the anemones.  Oh!  They're killing me!!!  And the begonia leaves.xo!  Thanks to Steve Koo for that image!


I just wrote two estimates that left me excited.  The last few weeks have been so busy, and yesterday Davey and I stayed in all day watching more movies for Horror Movie Month.  We hit up The Tingler & The Omen. It's gonna start to actually get scary from here on out.  In fact, possibly even tonight.


p.s.  i'm going to stop writing these posts in the evening when i'm tired.