Early autumn color

Early autumn is such a funny time of year.  Yesterday I wore a dress and I was too cold.  Today I wore jeans and a three quarter length short and was far too warm.  This afternoon I bought a dress that can be layered for a wedding I am attending on Sunday.  Fashion is at it's absolute best in the autumn, and some might argue the same is the case for flowers.  The tones are deeper, jewel-toned, vibrant and outstanding.  I was reminded yesterday while flipping through Real Simple magazine that the reason leaves change colors is because of the pigment, anthocynin (cool weather combined with sunlight, etc, etc...).  And last weekend we worked on Melissa and Joe's wedding that truly felt  to be the perfect "say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn" tribute in floral form!

The colors are just so outstanding and vibrant, so beautiful and lush.  The bridal bouquet was compact and simply stunning.

And the bridesmaid's bouquets were beautiful as well.  You can't tell from these photos, but those dahlias are absolutely incredible.  They're locally grown too, which makes us all a teeny bit happier.

We didn't have time to snap photos of the centerpieces.  They were beautiful.  The low vases were quite similar to the bridesmaids and the talls were filled with orchids and hanging votives.  I'm excited to see the professional images.  I'm also just excited for autumn in general.  Darker skies are not too exciting at 8:00pm, however the colors, textures and nature's overall pattern in the fall is absolutely incredible.

In any case.., this wedding was gorgeous.  An adorable couple, colors that pop, and a beautiful early autumn afternoon.

Congratulations to Melissa and Joe!