A moment after the weekend

We have so many beautiful things to share with you after this past weekend, I can't wait.  Each wedding was so completely different and so representative of my lovely couples that I worked with.  First, I will share with you Pip and Brian, who were wed on Sunday, September 19th 2010.

As a friend, I was completely honored when Pip called and asked me to help her with the flowers.  I love her style and the colors she chose are outstanding.  This celebration was so sincere and simple, I knew that as I sat waiting for the procession to begin down the aisle and read the poem her father wrote that was on the back of the program that I was in trouble.  My eyes began to well.

I was a little taken by their incorporation of the importance of family.  Roots, heritage, love, and the future.  The story of how they met down to the proposal.  Their words describing their emotions towards one another.  Pip and Brian could *not* take their eyes off one another.  They were glowing.  The entire day, the entire night.

There are lots of details about this wedding that I want to share, but you are just going to have to wait for now.   Not even just photos, my overall thoughts and words on how this one has stayed with me.  Being surrounded by people in love is something quite special.  Something that should not be taken for granted.

Soon there will be more to say, but in the meantime, heartfelt joy and congratulations to Pip and Brian!!  I can't wait to hear your stories of the honeymoon.  Enjoy your new lives together as newlyweds!!