Three shooting stars and two horned owls.

Dreamy vacations are few and far between.  This trip to Misswa, Minnesota was more than I had ever imagined it could be.  I'm so lucky to have spent time away with Davey and his family.  I wish I was still floating in the lake, feeding the fish bits of bread and soaking up the sunshine.

We went for walks through the forest and gushed at mushroom varieties, admired the birch trunks and collected rocks and agate.

Driving through a torrential downpour (causing us to pull over), we were excited to finally arrive.   The two horned owls that greeted us on the porch while we sat there drinking red wine made the storm beyond worth it (I had never seen an owl outside of captivity before).

Bonfires brought s'mores and stories.  And three shooting stars.  That is kind of like magic (I had never seen a shooting star before).

Swimming, pontooning and fishing are now three of my favorite verbs.

Waves of memories from my childhood visits to my grandparent's cottage overwhelmed me the entire time.

This vacation was simply dreamy.

P.S.  Thank you Missy and John for having me!