Sunday's musings

This morning I woke up incredibly and ridiculously excited.  There are 36 million ideas in my head bursting around.  I'm so excited to MAKE things.  We're talking layering and textures and creamy glass and fabric and of course, flowers.  I wish I could design fabric for a living.  That's my next goal.  After I open a printmaking studio and buy that perfect barn to use an an event space.   There are too many things to do.  For example I was researching bogs the other day after reading about one in Estonia.  Did you know that Illinois has it's own bog?  We're going to check it out in October when everything is fading into hibernation and a little bit creepy (In honor of Halloween.., we're also watching horror movies every Sunday leading up to the 31st.., each week a little scarier than the last.  Maybe I'll hide plastic spiders in the popcorn).

In addition to bogs I've been thinking about farmer's market bouquets.  With cabbage and herbs and other delicious edibles.

But first things first before all that.  Tonight is Sunday Date Night  with that cute guy I like hanging out with (he not only brings me the crossword but makes me cucumber water, too) & we're scrapping that picnic for the carnival!  Yes, ferris wheel, here we come!  Ready for a kiss on the top!  And the ring toss!  And balloon pop!  Hot damn, we know how to have fun.