Oh, dahlia!

I have such a love/hate relationship with dahlias.  It's true.  They can sometimes be the PERFECT color.  The EXACT shape and size you need.  That focal piece that is just the one you dreamed about!!!!  And then the bloody head snaps off the stem and you curse and you start making the entire bouquet all over again.

But when you do see them in their prime, in the right bouquet, looking just gorgeous,  you forgive them, you forget about their brattiness.  You embrace and love and adore them.  They've been looking especially amazing this year.  I can't wait to snap some photos of tomorrow's bridal bouquet, but here are just a few from last weekend.

Caleb created these.  His textures are fantastic!

You can't really see the dahlia's in this bridal bouquet, but I promise they're there.

And dahlias buds make really great little bouts too.