A day off, especially during wedding season is a
treat and a rare case.  After eight years I am
increasingly unapologetic about turning my cell phone
off and not answering any email on Sundays and Mondays.
 This allows for me to enjoy a glass of wine,
linguini and clams, and the time to
actually finish a book.
The two day break (which actually is usually just
one and a half days) and rest also
allow for me to sleep and once again become excited about
bouquets like this:
This dramatic bridal bouquet is filled with such
lovely texture and color.
A touch of rosemary for remembrance, lavender for fragrance and
pink garden roses for the bride's favorite color.
 Summer wildflowers in the midwest are just outstanding.
The bridesmaid's bouquets were soft and dreamy, in
the palette of pale yellow, chocolate and sage.
Centerpieces matched and were arranged in
mercury glass.
Now there you are.  Enjoy that because they're beautiful.
And now I am off to continue enjoying my Monday off.
My bestest friend ever is moving away, and
we need to catch up with a dinner, a glass of wine
and a teardrop goodbye.