Summer bliss

I've reached the point of summer excitement.
It's no fun when the only
bit of summer joy is just in a vase on
your dining room table.
Wildflowers are for running among,
in a field, not just drinking
out of the milk glass on the mantle.
To start things off, Davey and I split a tub of
lavender-honey ice cream.
There are blueberries from Michigan
in the fridge, and once the heat cools down
they will be baked in pie crust with orange zest.
Although tomorrow morning
some will accidentally find their way
into my yogurt for breakfast.
And last night we watched a (free!!) horror movie
double feature at The Music Box .
You MUST watch REC 1 and REC 2 if you like summer scares!
Whoa.  Popcorn and  movies on a steamy sumer night = BLISS!
And there are some day trips planned for
the dunes.  I want tan lines on my toes
from my sandals, sand on my skin and
the sunshine to call new freckles.
A trip to Minnesota for a few days is
planned to visit with Davey's family.
I should have that tattooed on Old English on my back.
(Don't worry Mom, I am not going to do that).
I am ready for some picnics with
peach and arugula salad,
tuna salad sandwiches,
and laying lazily on a blanket
in the shade.
Making sun tea on the porch and watching the
cardinals and robins sing.
And a few more walks around the
 Ukrainian Village gardens.
And a camping trip for two nights
with kayaking during the day
and star gazing at night.
Summer is a pretty fine time.