The end of a three month era...

Sparklers and firecrackers weren't the only
excitement over the forth of July weekend!
There were weddings!  Love, bliss and fireworks in the air!
Weekends such as this are a labyrinth of flowers
in our back work space.
Admist bucket after bucket of blooms we tailor centerpieces,
hand-tie bouquets and sip glass after glass of iced tea.
Last weekend marks the end of three months of non-stop
floral insanity.  Somewhere I've emerged from under a large pile
of petals and can now remember
and experience what a day off truly feels like!
Don't get me wrong,
there are still many weddings, just not
the onslaught of four or five in a three day span.
There are photos galore to share, and you'll
adore them all!
But even though I secretly love the
madness that ensues, it's nice to have a little break.