Fleur de la yummy

We've been working on fun little projects.  And apparently so has Goose Island.   They created a very delicious beer called Fleur.  And how VERY sweet it was for a friend who works over there to send me two bottles!  I'm a nerd.  I like things when they're called Fleur.  I can't help it, I get it from my family.  For example when I was a little girl and my Nan told me that my "color" was green (because of "Kelly Green") and I was upset because at the time my favorite color was blue.  Ironically, now my favorite color is all shades of green.

Infused with hibiscus, this beer makes me happy.  Typically I prefer a good glass of red or a strong Manhattan when the air has a chill, now I am becoming a fan of floral infused hops and barley.  I want to brew beer!!!  Right after I finish those two quilts, knitting the cat bed, painting the studio space, sewing the rest of the curtains, finishing my book, planning my Indian themed dinner party and send out the last two proposals and 4 updates.  Oh, and start a new inventory list.  This summer is going to be great.