lavender & spirit

CONGRATULATIONS!  Lincoln and Dana!!

About an hour ago a massive, ominous cloud approached overhead, filled with lightening and abnormally colored haze.

It was humid in this apartment, and I was salty I had to work late - again - knowing I will not catch up.

Admittedly I was a little cranky towards the end of the day. Chicago traffic is a drag.  My iced coffee made me feel crazy (back to iced tea it is!).  The pressure change in the air was annoying.  But then I reread an email from a bride whose wedding will occur in the autumn.  She wrote  about comfort, memory and closeness. And mentioned thankfulness and genuine kindness.

I snapped out of my mood.

Sometimes I forget that one of the reasons being a florist is one of the best jobs in the world is spirit.

Thank you.


P.S.  This storm is kind of amazing tonight.  I have a candle and lighter near by just in case of a black out.

P.P.S  A little lavender ice creams always cures a sour mood.