The first three days of May.

Early May.  It's 10:44am and I have been awake since 6am.  I am finishing my gen mai cha, took out the trash, rearranged a little bouquet I brought home and ate some toast.   It's an incredibly beautiful month and I teeter between thinking that it is my favorite (or is is April.., but really.  Does it matter when they're neighbors?)  This first weekend was filled with three weddings and three sets of darling couples.  I will post most of them when I have the professional pictures.    I admit, I'm a little pooped out.  :)

This is a typical looking day at work.

The fragrance from all the lilacs was just heaven.  Can someone PLEASE tell me where to buy lilac and peony essential oils?

I know Harrod's in London had some.  And once I bought soap in Portland that's scent was pulled from mimosa blooms.  Ten years later and I am STILL searching for it!