Spring time bouquet

Chicago is hot today.  I am probably one of the only people here that love the heat and humidity.  I'm sipping on some Limonata (Shannon suggested adding rose to it.., and I think that later this week I am going to do so) with a fan in the window and a Bootleg cat asleep on the floor.  Today is my day off!  And the beginning of a little and much needed mini get-away!  Tomorrow Davey and I are driving to New Buffalo, Michigan for some antiquing and some swimming (I have been dreaming about wanting to go swimming in the lake, but never being allowed!).  I'll bring back lots of neat little containers for weddings and resale!  And I will have caught up on sleep.  I'll see you on Thursday evening but leave this with you for now.

This bridal bouquet makes me want cupcakes!

The colors are just so sweet!!

So good bye for a few days.  Today I am going to take a walk and look at some fabric, walk around the Ukrainian Village gardens, and soak up some sunshine.  Tonight is packing and sandwich making, filling the cooler with goodness for the next few days.  I love me some sliced fruit salad.  Cross your fingers we find some chairs for the dining room table, too.