Momma, I love you (insert awesome southern accent).

Mother's day is our busiest day of the year.  We were so low on blooms on Sunday, so early in the morning I drove over to one of our incredible wholesalers and found some pretty hot blooms including garden roses, poppies, parrot tulips, peonies and so much more.  It was kind of an amazing Mother's Day.  We were busy, and after all that madness, Davey and I drove (well, he drove my wilted bum) to the south side to see my number one lady, my Mom Maureen.  We ate pizza and watched the Blackhawks lose.  But laughed more than anything.  These were just a few of the countless deliveries that went out.  

This arrangement makes me think of sherbet ice cream.  Oh yes.  Oh summer.  Oh Rainbow Ice Cream, here I come!

Hello, little lily of the valley!!  That is my Momma's favorite, and she receives some every single year.  She expects it now, and I'd be in trouble if I forgot (Hi Mom, I know you read this).

Yes, another poppy right up there (Shipoopie!!).

Laura created this little piece.

And Caleb made this guy.  That funky flower you're into is called a sarracenia, pitcher plants.  They're gorgeous.  And carnivorous.

I took a photo of this fancy little guy on top of one of our fancy little vintage silver trays.  I am just SO into yellow lately.  Maybe I'm totally beyond sick of all this grey weather we've been having in May.  In fact, it just started to thunder and pour right now.  I am going to go meet Davey on the front porch and sip on a glass of wine.  It's been calling my name for about three hours.