Barnaby & Jonna

Barnaby and Jonna got hitched!  This bouquet has some of my favorites.  Bridal veil leucadendron, peonies, and button scabiosa.

That bunny tail grass is so soft.

Everyone loves taking photos with their shoes.  I have so many shots like this.  I spared you all the ones we took at the beach.

Those little star shaped blossoms are called nigella.  Nigella is such a delicate little flower.  It's usually blue but sometimes you'll find it in white.  I always thought it was cumin (which I cook with all the time), but it's actually a little bit different and known as black cumin seed.  The ancient Egyptians used nigella all the time, and a little vile of it was found in King Tut's tomb!  It has quite a history, being referenced in the bible, the Romans used it as a dietary aid and in arabic is called "blessed seed".  In English we call it "love in the mist" so of course that wins points with me.

Congratulations to Barnaby & Jonna!!!!