A delight or two

The weather forecast is calling for 74 degree temperatures today.  Mid May is beginning to feel a little more normal with the warm up.  Not that I mind the cool weather, it's the reason why our local peonies and lilac and many other branchy delights are still going strong.  Spring fever!  I see couples holding hands, deliveries to special friends, "just because" and dog walkers everywhere.  Giddiness in the air...

Tonight Natalie and I are meeting to finalize the flower school.  Darling Fleur's blog will soon be up and running!  But more on that later (If you're interested, email me for details!).  And yesterday Jaclyn and I met to discuss our upcoming photo shoot at Videnovich Farms.  We're ready with a banjo, some pastries, and an engagement session that is simply going to charm the hell out of you.

Passion Flower.

Amethyst clusters (we have geodes and agate, too).